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Handwriting Fonts

Have a custom handwriting font made in TrueType, PostScript Type 1, and/or LaserJet bitmapped formats for just $99. Your font can be either cursive (connected script) or printing -- any way you like it. You will also get a randomizer program that will make printed output look more natural.

Letters and envelopes with the handwritten look can be real attention getters.

Viewing Sample Handwriting Fonts: Want to see samples of some handwriting fonts I've made? Then click here to see GIFs ("pictures") of over 300 handwriting fonts I've made recently. You can then download & print the GIFs.

Special Note: If you want hard copies of the GIFs, I recommend using Graphic Workshop for Windows. This is because both Netscape and Internet Explorer will want to print out a magnified copy of the GIF, and because of their large sizes the GIFs will print out distorted.

Want to see some recent testimonials? Then click here.

Need more information, or ready to order your own custom font? Then click here for more information, and details on how to submit handwriting samples.

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Cost & Payment Information The cost of a custom handwriting font is US $99, for either Windows or Macintosh. Turnaround time is about 1 - 2 weeks from the time I receive your samples. Payment accepted in the form of: check drawn on a bank in the USA, money order, traveler's checks, Western Union wire (contact me for details), or cash. When your font is done, I can send the files to you via Internet e-mail for fastest delivery.

Visa Mastercard
Visa & Mastercard are also accepted through the PayPal on-line payment system. There is no extra cost to you to use PayPal, and for a limited time PayPal will give you a credit of $5 for signing up with them. You don't need to order any of my products to claim your $5 credit. NOTE: The PayPal site will open in a separate browser window.

Alternate credit card payment methods also available.

Do you think the animated "Handwriting Fonts" graphic looks neat? I can make an animated graphic like this from your signature for $50. Use it as an e-mail signature, or anywhere else you like.


Logo Fonts, Signature Fonts

If your company has a distinctive logo, I can turn it into a TrueType, PostScript, and/or LaserJet bitmapped formats for just $75. You can use it in your Windows documents just like any other scalable font, and it will be fully scalable to different point sizes.

With a logo font, there's no more need for special letterheads and envelopes. Include your logo on letters, memos, business cards, ads, brochures, or faxes you send via WinFax.

I can also make signature fonts in the same font formats as logo fonts. The cost of this is also $75.

View sample logos
Download a .ZIP file of some actual TrueType logo fonts

These logo fonts are in Windows-TrueType format. For Mac-TrueType format, please see the information above about the Windows -to- Mac TrueType font conversion program TTConverter 1.5.


LaserJet Bitmapped Font Editor

Edit your LaserJet bitmapped fonts with FontEdit, the LaserJet bitmapped font editor for DOS.

A free shareware version of FontEdit is available via anonymous FTP in the Garbo archives at ftp.cdrom.com under the filename /pub/garbo/pc/printer/fnted212.zip, or you can download the latest shareware version of FontEdit by clicking below. The shareware version allows you to edit your fonts and download them to the printer, but does not save them. For that, you will need to register and receive the enhanced version. Shareware registration is $30.

Read more details about FontEdit

Download FontEdit shareware version now
Order online FontEdit enhanced version now

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TrueType to LaserJet Bitmapped Font Converter

TT2BMAP is a shareware program that converts a TrueType font into bitmapped so that older DOS-based programs that don't understand TrueType can still use the latest soft fonts. Shareware registration is just $20. The shareware version is also available on CompuServe in the HP Peripherals Forum (!go hpper), LaserJet II & III files section, under the filename "TT2BM.ZIP".

Download TT2BMAP now


Miscellaneous Shareware

UUencode & UUdecode. Translates binary files to/from ASCII so they can be e-mailed across mail systems that otherwise corrupt binary mail. Source code available -- can easily be incorporated into Visual Basic projects.

Math Expression Evaluator evaluates a mathematical expression in QBasic format and returns the numeric answer. Source code available -- can easily be incorporated into Visual Basic projects.

PCLdiet shrinks the size of PCL graphics files by using PCL more efficiently. It generates a "skinny" PCL file by replacing portions of your original "fat" PCL file with more efficient PCL commands understood by your LaserJet. A 60% - 70% reduction in size is typical. If your "fat" PCL file contains lots of straight lines and boxes, up to a 90% reduction in file size can be obtained.


Further Information

Payment (unless otherwise noted) is accepted in US dollars by company or personal check drawn on a bank in the USA, money order, traveler's checks, cash, Western Union wire transfer (call for details), or COD via US Mail.

For further information, contact me at the address, or phone number below, or
Mailbox send me e-mail now.

Alexander Walter
P.O. Box 741
Middletown, NJ.  07748

(800) 262-0827 (USA & Canada only) (609) 504-4804 (elsewhere) (708) 575-3865 (fax) adw@execpc.com http://www.WalterWare.com

Need an unzip program? Download either: pkzip/pkunzip for DOS or Windows, or ZipIt 1.35 for Macintosh.


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